How to make DIY kawaii bookmarks

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I don’t know what’s in this whole Kawaii world that makes it such a happy place. There is something about it that can melt down the toughest heart. Is it the innocent-looking characters? The simplicity of the designs? The aesthetics? the colors? The overall vibes?..
Whatever it is, it works.

I often search for kawaii craft tutorials on Google and Pinterest. Just looking at them makes my cheeks rosy with delight.
If you wanna take a bite of the sweet kawaii world, you will love this little DIY tutorial! 

How to make DIY kawaii bookmarks

For this craft you will need:

• A printer (black&white ink is fine)
Colorful card stock that fits printers (Amazon affiliate link)
• Scissors
• Craft knife (you can also use the scissors)
• Pinkish paints
• A pencil with eraser on the top
• My printable templates of kawaii animals (get them below)

kawaii DIY bookmarks - cute animals

Step 1:

Print out each kawaii animal on a different colored craft paper. I prepared each animal on a different page so you can easily print them separately. Before you print, make sure to the box ‘fit to page’ in your printer setting is not checked.

Click on each image to open a printable PDF:

Printable DIY kawaii bookmark - bear Printable DIY kawaii bookmark - Bunny Printable DIY kawaii bookmark - cat Printable DIY kawaii bookmark - panda


You can use any color you like for the paper, but light and cheerful colors are the most kawaii.

DIY kawaii bookmarks - print on craft paper

Step 2:

Cut out the animals with scissors. You can cut inside or outside the black outline. I think the animals look cuter without the outlines.

DIY kawaii bookmarks - cut out the animals

Step 3:

Cut along the dashed lines of the arms. You can use a craft knife or scissors. Just be careful for your fingers 🙂

Step 4:

Let’s add one more kawaii feature: pink cheeks!
Dip a pencil’s eraser in a little bit of pink paint and stamp it on the animal’s cheeks. I mixed some red into my paint to create the hue I wanted for each animal.

DIY-kawaii-bookmark- paint the cheeks

And you are done! 

Easy, wasn’t it? I think it can make a good craft for kids too, if they get a little help with cutting out the arms.

Here are my final DIY kawaii bookmarks: 

kawaii DIY bookmark - cute cat

kawaii DIY bookmark - cute panda

kawaii DIY bookmark - cute bunny

kawaii DIY bookmark - cute bear

Did you like this craft? If you did, go ahead and pin it on Pinterest so that other kawaii lovers can find it too! 🙂

Here is another set of awesome bookmarks that you can print out.These ones are all about girl power and they have characters from my coloring book Like a Girl!
Click on the image to get to the page with the free printable bookmarks:

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